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I have a blog!?

Yes, it’s true. I almost forgot that I had a blog at all, after having a very long forced break. I had to stop writing due to my exams, but it was my full intention to go straight back to blogging as soon as the exams were over. But oh well, hopefully most of you think I deserved a weekend off after having finished all my 14 exams!

Now I’m again back to entertain you with my far too sweet recipes and some photos (if I ever get around to editing them)!

Anyway, what you missed:

– Easter

– The “russetid” (which I mostly spent inside, reading for exams)

– 14 exams (busy days)

– Aunt Elin and cousin Nathalie were here for about a week Open-mouthed smile

– Graduation dinner at Gaffel og Karaffel


Currently I have started packing, and am really not looking forward to my dentist appointment tomorrow morning!  Packing is fun though. Like actually packing books, movies, cds, make-up… Like, the stuff you usually only pack if you’re moving. Putting a whole life into boxes is hard though, especially when you need to make it as compact as possible due to less space where you’re going. So I’m leaving a lot of stuff behind, only bringing the stuff I can’t live without: my piano, guitars, stereos, a few books, dvd/bd’s, cds, some kitchen stuff, make-up… Yeah, it’s still quite a lot anyway. More than enough, actually.

I really enjoyed packing my cds. Before actually packing them I sorted them into a storyline of my music taste from I started buying cds until the last cd I bought (or got for Christmas in this case).


The top one is Massive Attack – Heligoland… Pretty impossible to read xD So yeah, bottom CD was like my first CD (thought it’s sort of my parents’ as well, but I got it autographed and have considered it “mine” since). The past few years I haven’t really bought that many cds, as I realised what it did to my economy. Also, this is only like a third of my collection. I only have one CD for every band and have skipped the CDs that never really meant anything to my musical development. Also Erik og Kriss is a bad example of hip hop I listen to, but I only have that and Madcon. Hip hop has become a steal-from-boyfriend’s-collection thing, so I don’t own that many CDs myself. Open-mouthed smile 


I’ll probably come back soon enough with more updates, and expect a big baking update on Monday 30th!


Hope you’re all doing good out there in the big big world!




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