This one is in Norwegian, sorry! 😉 Was watching some snow flakes through the window today and was inspired to write a poem. It is however a WIP, so I would love feedback. 😀

Stille raser de ned,
gjennom evighetens himmel.
Fra koloni til ensomhet.
Som i en drøm –
Dalende, sakte, men sikkert
mot en slutt –
Men også noe nytt.
Ubevisste sjeler daler ned.
Englene daler med.
En behagelig og nokså beklagelig sti
mot asfalt og mangel på ly.
Ensomme, lengtende
fnugg faller ned
En gang så vakre
før dette skred.
En evighet til råde
til å lære og forstå
at intet varer evig
i samme form som nå.

Dråpen har landet,
den er ikke mer
det ensomme fnugg
som vi så i sted.
Fra ensomhet til koloni
fra frykt til harmoni
faller, faller, faller de
og stiger så på ny

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New Blog

I always loved blogging, but at some point I just stop. Sometimes because my mind is out of things to share,  sometimes because I am simply too busy to continue.

Anyway, it’s over a year since I last blogged, and I’ve been missing it ever since I stopped. I’ve simply had other things on my mind which I’ve prioritized. I’ve been sick a lot lately, nothing bad, just a lot of small things at the time. And while it has drained me of the energy to do what I must, it has also given me time to think about what I really like doing, what I missed doing when I couldn’t do it. For instance, I had tendonitis in my right elbow which prevented me from playing the piano and the guitar for quite a few months. I’ve never missed playing as much as I did in this period. I recently had mononucleosis which prevented me from exercising, and so I missed being active in a way I never have before. I’m still haven’t started exercising, but am planning to start short walks and yoga soon.  Mononucleosis also makes me less focused, meaning that I spend a lot more time to get through tasks than I normally would, leaving me with little free time to write and read, leaving me now with a great wish to start this blog and get on with some good books (tens of great books are waiting in my shelves).

So therefore I’m starting this blog, to let out my creative side.

You may expect photographs, recipes, poems, short stories, simple stories from my life. Whatever I feel like sharing, I will share here.

Thank you for reading. : )

– Juno


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