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Friday Sweets :)

So I felt like making something good today! I tried making a cake I have never made before, but that has been one of my favourite cakes for as long as I can remember: “suksesskake”. It consists of an almond base and yellow butter cream.

I followed a recipe I found at Tine Meieri’s webpages, but they said the cake was supposed to be done after 45 minutes, and when I checked it at 25 minutes it was all done! This made me worry that the cake was ruined as the cake was also very thin, but after a tip from my dad I punched small round cakes out of the big one and put two on top of each other with buttercream in the middle. It both looked great and tasted really yummy!


Here’s the recipe:


4 egg whites

150 g roughly chopped almonds

150 g confectioner’s powder

1) Whip the egg whites to stiff peaks

2) Carefully mix the almonds and confectioner’s powder into the eggs

3) Place in a 24cm round baking tin and bake for 20-25 minutes

4) Cool on a rack. Make the buttercream while the cake is cooling



1 dl cream

125 g sugar

4 egg plums

The seeds of 1 vanilla pod

150 g soft butter

1) Add all the ingredients but the butter in a pot and cook at medium heat while stirring until it starts thickening.

2) Remove the pot from the stove and let it cool until lukewarm

3) Stir in the soft butter


Now you can either just add the buttercream to the top of the cake or make small cakes like I did. You may use cups/glasses or anything like that to punch them out.


Have a lovely Friday everyone!

– Juno



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Yummy stuff

Yesterday I decided to try out this recipe I’ve been planning for some weeks, and it actually was really delicious! It consists of an almond biscuit with raspberry cream, and was inspired by my boyfriend’s request to make him a “luxemburgerli cake” (luxemburgerli = macarons from Sprüngli)!

It is extremely sweet, but as I love sweet stuff, I really didn’t mind that! 😀

I didn’t really measure all the ingredients properly, but here’s an approximate of what I did:


180 g almond flour (or finely chopped, blanched almonds)

3 egg whites

165 g confectioner’s sugar

1 tbs. vanilla sugar

Whip to egg whites to soft peaks. Add the confectioner’s sugar and whip until stiff peaks. Mix the vanilla sugar with the almond flour in a separate bowl, then gently mix it into the egg whites.

Use a plastic bag or decorating bag with a hole of approximately 1,5-2 cm in diameter. Fill it with the batter and create twirls on a baking board in the size you wish the mini-cakes to be. As long as you whipped the egg whites stiff enough, the batter does not run out at all, so you can put them very close together on the baking tray.

Cook in the oven on hot air at 180 degrees Celsius for 10-15 minutes, or until they are slightly golden on the edges. Cool on a baking rack for 5-10 minutes. Then prepare them with cream or save them in an air-tight box until you are supposed to serve them.

Raspberry cream filling

4 dl raspberry jam

2,5 dl whipping cream

2 tbs sugar

1 tbs vanilla sugar

Use a sieve to separate the raspberry jam from its seeds. This should give you a nice puree. Whip the cream and sugar to stiff peaks. Mix in the vanilla sugar. Add the raspberry puree, some at a time. I used approximately 1,5 dl of finished raspberry puree, but you should taste it as you go and find the perfect ratio for you.

Obviously the raspberry can be replaced with a lot of other different tastes, and if you want to you may also add some cream cheese or crème fraiche to the cream to make its consistency more resistant.


Place half the mini-cakes on a plate. Use a decorating bag with tip 1M to make a rosette of the cream on each cake. Add a second cake on top and make another rosette on top of that again. And viola 🙂

It would also be a good idea to have some fresh fruit on top and/or inside! I didn’t do this as I didn’t find any raspberries!

Hope this inspires you! If you try it out, please tell me how it went!

Any suggestions for other types of filling are highly appreciated!

– Juno

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